Volunteering and Social Work

The Municipality of Horsens provides support for volunteer associations working with social issues and health promotion throughout the municipality. We cooperate with organizations on specific activities and provide facilities, advice, and economic support. The contribution from volunteers helps to keep social efforts up-to-date, adds diversity to the offerings, and demonstrates a great personal commitment and willingness to help other people.

The many different kinds of organizations can offer citizens e.g: 
• Physical activities for children, seniors, and people with mental problems
• Cultural associations for ethnic minorities
• Social networks for seniors, e.g. pensioner associations and visitor programmes
• Drop-in centres for substance abusers and other marginalized groups
• Support and networks for people with illnesses, grief, or personal crises – e.g. patient associations and self help groups
• Support centres for women or men in personal crisis
• Second-hand shops

Volunteer policy
Since 2000, the Municipality of Horsens has had a volunteer policy that lays out goals and frameworks for cooperation with volunteer associations. The policy defines volunteer efforts as being unpaid and beneficial to others beside yourself and your immediate family. In the social and health areas, volunteer efforts take place within the framework of an association, organization, or other type of formal group or network.
§18 funds – economic support for volunteer work
Volunteer associations working with social issues and health promotion throughout Horsens municipality may apply for economic support for their activities. The funds are managed by Healthy City Horsens.
There are four application deadlines per year. The citizens’ consultant at the City of Horsens can help with applications.

The Community Forum (Det Folkelige Forum) – network for volunteer associationsThe Community Forum (Det Folkelige Forum) is a network for volunteer associations working with social issues and health promotion in Horsens municipality. The network is open to all volunteer associations in the social and health areas. At presents, approx. 140 associations and groups are members.
The network seeks to develop volunteer work through knowledge sharing among volunteers, by creating better coherence in associations’ projects and activities, by offering inspiration and input, and finally by acting as a go-between for dialogue with administrators and politicians. Associations that receive §18 funds are automatically invited to the Forum’s activities.

Volunteer jobs
Many people put in an impressive effort for others through volunteer work, either in connection with individual events or as members of an association that performs volunteer work. If you want to make a difference for other people and develop as a person by doing volunteer work, there are several opportunities in your area.


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