Horsens Healthy City

Horsens Healthy City engages the entire municipality in health promotion and welfare development, the local authorities are in a unique leadership position, with power to protect and promote their citizens’ health and well-being through systematic approaches to policy and planning.

Membership of International Networks

Horsens strives to be an international city with an international outlook. We believe that, as a city, we can get better at solving problems by learning how other international cities find solutions to similar issues and also promote the new initiatives that we can share with other international cities.  

Horsens Municipality is a member of two International Networks:

1.  WHO (World Health Organization), representing the Healthy Cities Network 

2.  European Safe Communities Network, representing the safe and secure of local community

Horsens Municipality have been a member of WHO Healthy Cities Network since 1987, and the first things to do was to establish a Healthy City Shop in Horsens, the first it's kind in Europe. The main goals being related to prevention and health promoting activities for all citizens.

The Municipality of Horsens became a member of WHO Safe Communities Network in 2003, since then, has been in charge of coordinating and developing the Safe Community- work and effort, going on in all departments within the municipality.

For more information about Safe Community download the Annual Report 2009.


Horsens Kommunes byvåben

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