Horsens Healthy City Shop

Horsens Healthy City Shop it is a public institution that works to create an environment with a better health conditions for all citizens. In the daily agenda of decision makers is a strategic goal to improve social health and sustainable development.

The Healthy City Shop provides space and framework for the citizens to fill in; volunteers can meet and develop new activities and projects to combat the social issues and promote healthy life. The Healthy City Shop is constantly creating opportunities, expanding the community resources to enable its citizens to be active in everyday life. 

The following offerings from the Municipality of Horsens are coordinated at the Healthy City Shop: 

The Community Forum (Det Folkelige Forum) – a network for volunteer associations working with social issues and health promotion
PI Horsens (Patientforeningernes Information i Horsens Sund By) – information from patient organizations
Self Help in Horsens Healthy City (Selvhjælp i Horsens Sund By) – coordination of self help groups
The Health Patrol (Sundhedspatruljen) – information and guidance about healthy living
Communication – information and guidance in communication 


Horsens Kommunes byvåben

Horsens Sund By/Sund By Butikken 
Åboulevarden 52
8700 Horsens
Telefon: 76 29 36 75