Healthy Cities Network

The WHO Healthy Cities Network was established in 1987, initially with just 11 cities committed to collaborating with WHO for a five year phase of work focused on local action for health and health equity. Twenty five years on, the Network is in Phase VI with members alongside 30 national networks involving more than 1400 cities and towns similarly committed to Healthy Cities’ values and ways of working. 

WHO currently defines its role in public health, as follows:

- providing of policies and actions to improve health and a sustainable development 
- strengthening the Healthy Cities in the context of policies for health development
- generating policy, knowledge, methods that can be used to promote health in all cities
- promoting solidarity, cooperation links between EU cities and Healthy Cities Network
- playing an active role in supporting health at the European and global level via partnerships with other agencies   concerned with urban issues and networks of local authorities
- increasing the accessibility of the WHO European Network in the European Region

Within Europe, Healthy Cities has just completed Phase V which ran to the end of 2013 and recently adopted the Phase VI (2014 - 2018).

For further information access the link WHO.


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