Health 2020

Health 2020 - a European policy framework supporting action across government and society for health and well-being. 

The overarching vision of Health 2020 is for a Region “in which all people are enabled and supported in achieving their full health potential and well-being and in which countries, individually and jointly, work towards reducing inequities in health within the Region and beyond.” 

Strategic objectives of Health 2020: 

1. Improving health for all and reducing health inequalities, achieved through:
-  setting common objectives and joint investment between health and other sectors
-  addressing social inequalities contributes significantly to health and well-being
-  taking action on the social and environmental determinants of health 

2. Improving leadership and participatory governance for health, achieved through:
-  leadership from health ministers and public health agencies 
-  health ministries and public health agencies acting as health brokers and advocates
-  governments at all levels are considering establishing formal structures and processes that support problem solving
- empowering people, citizens, consumers and patients is critical for improving health outcomes, health system performance and patient satisfaction

The Health 2020 policy is based on four priority areas for policy action:

1. investing in health through a life-course approach and empowering people
2. tackling the Region’s major health challenges of communicable diseases
3. strengthening people-centered health systems, public health capacity and emergency preparedness, surveillance and response

4. creating resilient communities and supportive environments

For more information download the document Health 2020: a European policy framework supporting action across government and society for health and well-being.


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