Phase V

Phase V of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network runs from 2009-2013. Its overarching goal is Health and Health Equity in All Local Policies. The goal is based acknowledgement that health and inequities in health are largely determined by policies and actions beyond the health sector. 

Within Phase V are three core themes:

1. Caring and supportive environments - healthy city should be above all a city for all its citizens, inclusive, supportive, sensitive and responsive to their diverse needs and expectations.  

  Important issues 
- better outcomes for all children
- age-friendly cities
- migrants and social inclusion
- active citizenship
- health and social services
- health literacy

2. Healthy living - a healthy city provides conditions and opportunities that support healthy lifestyles.

  Important issues 
- preventing no communicable diseases
- local health systems
- tobacco-free cities
- alcohol and drugs
- active living
- healthy food and diet
- violence and injuries
- healthy settings
- well-being and happiness.

3. Healthy urban environment and design - a healthy city offers a physical and built environment that supports health, recreation and well-being, safety, social interaction, easy mobility, a sense of pride and cultural identity and that is accessible to the needs of all its citizens. 

  Important issues 
- healthy urban planning
- housing and regeneration
- healthy transport
- climate change and public health emergencies
- safety and security
- exposure to noise and pollution
- healthy urban design
- creativity.

For more information about Phase V download the WHO document: Phase V (2009–2013) of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network: goals and requirements.


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