Phase VI

Phase VI of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network runs from 2014-2018. Its overarching goal is promoting city leadership and participation governance for health. Phase VI is based on Health 2020: a European policy framework supporting action across government and society for health and well-being

Within Phase VI are three core themes:

1. Investing in health through a life course approach and empowering people.

  Important issues 
- early life
- Older people
- vulnerability
- health Literacy

2. Tackling major health challenges and public health priorities.

  Important issues 
- physical activity
- nutrition and Obesity
- alcohol
- tobacco
- mental health and well-being

3. Strengthening people-centered health systems and Public Health capacity.

  Important issues 
- health and Social services
- Other wider city services
- public Health Capacity

4. Creating resilient communities and supportive environments.

  Important issues 
- community resilience
- healthy Settings
- healthy urban planning and design
- healthy Transport
- climate Change
- housing and regeneration

For more information about Phase VI download the WHO document: Phase VI (2009–2013) of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network: goals and requirements.


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