International Network Horsens (INH)

Mission of INH

International Network Horsens is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation that provides a warm and welcoming environment to encourage expats and Danes from diverse backgrounds to share their cultures and ideas, network, make new connections, and enhance their personal and professional lives. 

Target groups of INHWhat do we mean by ‘International’?

International Network Horsens aims to help every international citizen and international-minded Danes in Horsens and throughout the region, who share the organisation’s values. 
More precisely, International Network Horsens focuses on the following groups:

•Graduating students, who are leaving the society and network of VIA and are looking for new connections within the adult society of Horsens.
•International couples with an international or partly Danish background, who wish to make both international and Danish connections.
•International (international or part Danish) families with children, who are seeking opportunities to meet other families and have fun together with their children.
•International citizens who came to work in Denmark, and are seeking social networks and programs besides their workplace society.

Scope of activities of INHWhat do we mean by ‘Networking’?

The following activities have a priority among the activities of International Network Horsens.

1. International Network Horsens aims to help internationals integrate within their new society by
•Providing a virtual and physical network of citizens in Horsens.
•Providing useful and interesting information and news about the local region of Horsens and Denmark.
•Providing internationals with programs where they can explore their identity as an expat and outline their future goals in Denmark, and learn techniques to reach these goals.
•Creating opportunities to learn more about Denmark and Danish culture.
•Supporting activities to practice and speak Danish.

2. International Network Horsens is willing to help internationals and local international-minded Danes to meet the World in Horsens, by:
•Providing and/or supporting activities, where participants can experience various aspects of foreign cultures such as customs, foods, languages, etc.
•Creating a respectful atmosphere where internationals can feel comfortable exploring and developing their expat identity.
•Conducting events, and promoting communication, cooperation, etc., that helps promote a positive image of expats to the local community.
•Providing opportunities for international-minded Danes to practice English.

3. International Network Horsens aims to help internationals and local Danes establish stronger community ties and create healthy relationships with each other. International Network Horsens can help by:
•Creating opportunities where like-minded people can participate in local clubs, organisations, and associations.
•Hosting fun and engaging events.
•Providing a meeting ground where children from different cultures and backgrounds can meet and forge new friendships.
•Supporting family-friendly events that appeal to internationals and Danes.

Find out more about INH!

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Horsens Kommunes byvåben

Horsens Sund By/Sund By Butikken 
Åboulevarden 52
8700 Horsens
Telefon: 76 29 36 75