VIA University College

Horsens is a university city with a large number of international students. This is due to the fact that VIA University College, Campus Horsens has a very active international environment, with most of the students having their studies done in English. At Campus Horsens, approximately half of the students are international, studying a full time programmes or exchange programmes.

The international students studying at VIA University College represents a considerable social potential, and surveys conducted by Horsens’ Internationalization Committee concluded that the majority of international students (88% of the surveyed) would like to stay in Denmark and begin their careers here after graduation. In the period between 2007 and 2011 only 21% of international students from Horsens managed to be retained.

  • Total students: 4,000 +
  • International students: 2,000 +
  • Employees: 300 +
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Horsens Kommunes byvåben

Horsens Sund By/Sund By Butikken 
Åboulevarden 52
8700 Horsens
Telefon: 76 29 36 75