Welcome Ambassadors

Welcome Ambassadors are volunteers from Horsens Municipality. The Ambassadors offer a corps of trained, knowledgeable, and friendly international residents of Horsens Municipality, who are eager to answer any practical questions you might have about settling and living here. 

How they can help? 

Having themselves been through the process of coming to Denmark as an international, they understand the challenge of moving to a new place and the vulnerabilities that you might prevent moving to a new place.

Spare time activities

Our ambassadors are your guides to finding meaningful things to do in your spare time. They will help you find and contact local associations and clubs and can explain the Danish culture of associations. So if you want to play a sport, find a hobby, meet Danes, or build your social network, the ambassadors will show you how.

Languages spoken

In addition to English, many of our ambassadors also speak Danish as well as a number of other languages. So you can write to them in English and any of the languages listed on their profiles.

Browse through our ambassador profiles and send them an email with your questions today!


Horsens Kommunes byvåben

Horsens Sund By/Sund By Butikken 
Åboulevarden 52
8700 Horsens
Telefon: 76 29 36 75